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Top 10 Best Anime Movies To Watch – Hey guys!. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of Top 10 Best Anime Movies To Watch. I decided to make a post showcasing the best out of my movies that I have seen because I do think there’s so many great anime movies out there that maybe don’t get that much recognition. When you think of anime movies you think of studio ghibli. So, I’m gonna list my Top 10 Best Anime Movies To Watch.

10. 5 Centimeters per Second


This movie is about a girl and a boy who are really really close friends but one day both of their families move away, which means there’s so much distance between them now. This movie is told in three different parts they all deal with the nostalgia with distance and growing up and first loves, it’s just to me, it’s a very nostalgic movie. In true Makoto Shinkai style, this movie is very sentimental, the animation, the music, everything about it just feels like a dream. A lot of people would say this was his masterpiece before Your Name, which I agree with but of course then Your Name came and it became the best movie ever. If you like Your Name and Makoto Shinkai’s style then you will definitely enjoy 5 centimeters per second. It’s a beautiful emotional film that will definitely tug at your heartstrings and will make you feel a lot of things.

9. Barefoot Gen


While many of you have likely seen the simultaneously heartwarming and soul-crushing Grave of the Fireflies from Studio Ghibli, far more of you haven’t seen the brutal and unflinching Barefoot Gen, which showcases the horrific realities of World War II and the bombing of Hiroshima from the perspective of a child chronicling his firsthand experience of this unbridled devastation. Keep a box of tissues nearby and let yourself have the ugliest cry in ages, but don’t you dare look away because this is an important piece of history that must not be allowed to repeat itself under any circumstances.

8. Perfect Blue

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Perfect Blue is a movie that was directed by Satoshi Kon, In my opinion one of the greatest anime directors. Sadly, he passed away pretty young, so he only got to make about four movies in his lifetime, all of those movies are amazing but mypersonal favorite is Perfect Blue. Perfect Blue is about this girl named Mima, she is a pop idol in japan but she decides to take her career into a different direction and decides to become a model and an actress. The movie takes a very creepy turn because she gets this stalker that begins to harass her online and harass her in real life as well a lot of weird things start happening around her and she becomes very paranoid. If you’ve seen Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky you’ll definitely see so many similarities between the two movies, this is because Darren Aronofsky was inspired by Perfect Blue to make Black Swan. They both are very psychological films that deal with you know the perception of reality but they both have this pressure to project this perfect image. The first time that I watched this movie it really impacted me and I could not stop thinking about it for weeks and weeks,It truly is one of the greatest anime moves that I have ever watched. It’s such a great thriller and I feel like when a lot of people think of animated movies they don’t necessarily think of movies that are disturbing or more adult but this one is definitely on the mature side. There area lot of disturbing scenes, so this is just a warning, if you do decide to watch it search about it first just to make surethat it’s something that you can handle because it is a pretty disturbing movie at some points.

7. Millennium Actress


Millennium Actress is about this Tv interviewer Genya Tachibana and his cameraman Kyouji Ida, who go to the house of really famous actress Chiyoko Fujiwara to interview her. The famous actress she recounts her the story of her life and gives a lot of detail into this mysterious key that she was trying to track down during her whole career as an actress. This key was given to her when she was a young girl by this mysterious man and basically she has been in love with this man ever since. As she’s telling the story, we see images from those times and they very smartly intertwine with each other. You’ll have to really pay attention to this movie because if you blink you’ll miss a scene, it’s just so uniquely told in my opinion. This movie is definitely not at all disturbing like Perfect Blue but it is very much in the style of Satoshi Kon and that is in the editing and the storytelling. He really likes to jump in time, we see that as well in Paprika which is another one of his films and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie where these jumps are so seamlessly done. Like I said Perfect Blue is my favorite Satoshi Kon film but Millennium Actress is definitely worth a watch, it’s so unique and very entertaining.

6. Wolf Children

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Wolf Children is about Hana, whoin college falls in love with wolf man, Ookami. The woman gives birth to two Wolf Children and after a lot of years of living in the city, being inconvenienced by the fact that they can’t help when they turn into wolves and not knowing if she should take them to the vet or take them to the doctor. She decides to go live up in the mountains with her kids, where nobody can bother her, nobody can find out if their wolves kids and they can just roam around freely. Up in the mountains, she befriends this little community and they help each other grow their vegetables and stuff like that. Both of our kids, as they grow older they try to find who they really are, if they identify more with their human side or with their wolf side. We see them go to school, interact with other people, interact with other animals in the forest. This movie is so heartbreaking but heartwarming at the same time, I cried for different reasons throughout this movie. It’s a quiet and sweet little film that is definitely worth a watch.

5. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time


This movie is about a high school girl who all of a sudden discovers that she can jump through time. Basically, it’s like the butterfly effect, she can travel back in time, change a few things but this definitely will change the things around her, it will affect people that she knows so she has to be really careful with what she changes in the past. I personally love time traveling in movies, I also think it’s a very common thing in anime. This movie is definitely a lot of fun and it’s very entertaining. I personally think that Wolf Children has a lot more heart than this one but they’re obviously completely different films, which is totally fine, not every anime movie has to be this makes you cry kind of movie, which is what I personally love. But this one just had something that keeps you entertained, It definitely had a little bit of twist here and there that I wasn’t expecting, if you want something more lighthearted to watch this one is definitely your choice.

4. The Boy and the Beast


This movie is about a young boy, who isliving in the streets of shibuya. He bumps into this warrior who happens to be a beast, kind of looks like a bear but he can walk like a person and talk like a person and they both go into the world of beasts basically. The beast decides to take the young boy as his apprentice and they start training together, At first, they’re kind of rough with each other but then they form this really tight bond like father and son. This movie you wouldn’t really think that is by the same director. Wolf Children being this very calm and really heartfelt movie, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time being this just fun and light-hearted movie and then The Boy and the Beast, which is action-packed, It’s so thrilling it’s so much more colorful and fast-paced than the last two films that I talked about. That’s why I really like this director, each of his films to me they are so different. Like I said this movie is just a lot of fun to watch, I definitely think that it’s flawed in some parts but it’s definitely worth a watch.

3. Maquia: When the Promised Flower


Maquia is a 15 year old but she will live for a very very long time, for this reason she is advised to not fall in love with anyone from the normal world because they will age and she will face heartbreak and loneliness. One day, she finds an orphan baby and she decides to take him as her own, she essentially watches him grow up, which of course brings a lot of heartbreak to her life. This movie is full of fantasy, which I completely love, it’s absolutely stunning, it is dramatic, the music in it is amazing it’s definitely a lot different from all of the other movies that I’ve talked about. The themes of death and family and motherhood are very present in this movie will bring tears to your eyes and yeah it’s just a really beautiful.

2. A Silent Voice

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This movie so much this movie follows a high school boy Shouya who is essentially bullying the girl Shouko, who is hearing-impaired. She faces so much bullying from him that she is basically forced to drop out and change school, this causes the boy to be bullied back by everybody else in the classroom. Years later, he has lost all of his confidence, he now knows what it feels like to be on the other side, basically bullied by everybody else, that he feels so bad for having bullied this girl. There are several things that I love about this movie: first is the animation it is beautiful and there are so many things that are so unique that I’ve never seen in any other animated moviebefore, another thing that I love about this movie is that, of course, it’s just a beautiful story. I definitely cried a lot but trust me this one is just very very emotional.

1. Your Name

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It’s a huge movie, everyone has heard of Your Name. Your Name is about a high school girl and a high school boy, the girl lives in more of a rural part of japan, the boy lives in the city. All of the sudden, one day they change bodies, so each of them is living the other one’s life, these changes happen randomly, they never know when it’s gonna happen, sometimes they’ll wake up in their own bodies and sometimes they’ll wake up in the other one’s bodies, so they have to basically adjust to each other’s lives through this. They obviously get to know each other really really well and form a very strong bond. If you still haven’t watched this movie, I’m not gonna spoil it but there are some turns in this movie that I definitely did not see coming that are really unique. They of course try to find a way to meet each other in person, things happen and i’m not gonna spoil because this movie is literally so magical that I don’t want to spoil anything. When i watch this movie, when I listen to the soundtrack just everything makes me feel so many emotions. Obviously as you can see the animation is extremely beautiful, some of the most beautiful animation that i’ve ever seen in my entire life. This movie is definitely a must watch if you’re just starting to get into anime, into anime movies.

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